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Date: 1815


Death of Mary Shelley's newborn baby.

Links for Mary Shelley:

Contemporary Reviews (Links to contemporary reviews of Mary Shelley's work.) (Shanon Lawson)

Internet Resources, Mary Shelley (Links page)

Letters and Journals (excerpts) (Transcription of miscellaneous writings by Mary Shelley.) (Nelson Hilton)

Mary Shelley and Frankenstein (Biographical information.) (Kim Woodbridge)

Mary Shelley Chronology (Shanon Lawson)

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Chronology & Resource Site (Various resources and links.) (Shanon Lawson)

Selected Bibliography (Bibliographical information on Mary Shelley.) (Shanon Lawson)

The Summer of 1816 (Notes on this period of Mary Shelley's life.) (Kim Woodbridge)

All Movie Versions of Frankenstein (Notes on the film versions of Mary Shelley's novel.) (Internet Movie Database)

Frankenstein (Hypertext transcription of Mary Shelley's novel.) (

Frankenstein Revealed: Penn's Electronic Edition (Electronic version of Mary Shelley's novel.) (Stuart Curran)

Literary Sources of Frankenstein (Notes on the source material for Mary Shelley's novel.) (Kim Woodbridge)

Mary Shelley and Frankenstein Links (Links to criticism and other links.) (Kim Woodbridge)

Workshop of Filthy Creation, Cyberspace Division (Notes and links on U. Penn.'s electronic version of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.) (Jack Lynch)

"Mary Godwin's Remonstrance" (1995) (Chapter from Hilton's book, Lexis Complexes: Literary Interventions; criticism on Mary Shelley included.) (Nelson Hilton)

Keats-Shelley Journal (Notes and links to the literary journal.) (Loyola U., Chicago)

The Last Man: A Hypertext Edition (Sophisticated hypertext version of the Mary Shelley novel.) (Steven E. Jones)

Betty T. Bennett, (American U.) Radical Imaginings: Mary Shelley's The Last Man (Critical work on Mary Shelley's novel.) (Steven E. Jones)

Lisa Hopkins, (Sheffield Hallam U.) Memory at the End of History: Mary Shelley's The Last Man (Criticism on the novel by Mary Shelley.) (Romanticism on the Net)

Morton D. Paley, Mary Shelley's The Last Man: Apocalypse Without Millennium (Criticism on the novel.) (Keats-Shelley Review)

"The Mortal Immortal: A Hypertext Edition" (Includes contextual material and critical apparatus on the work by Mary Shelley.) (Steven Jones)

Daniel E. White, 'The god undeified': Mary Shelley's Valperga, Italy, and the Aesthetic of Desire (Criticism.) (Romanticism on the Net)

Linda Garbin, (U. Liverpool) The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck: Walter Scott in the Writings of Mary Shelley (Criticism.) (Romanticism on the Net)



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