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Date: 1815


Sir Walter Scott, Guy Mannering.

Work Title

Guy Mannering 

Published: 1815


Links for Walter Scott:

Selected Poetry of Sir Walter Scott (Sixteen transcriptions of the poet's work.) (Representative Poetry On-line)

Walter Scott, (Edinburgh U) Walter Scott Digital Archive ( The Walter Scott Digital Archive is an Edinburgh University Library online resource created in the Special Collections Division. It is designed around the extensive Corson Collection of Walter Scott material held in Special Collections. ) (Special Collections)

A Legend of Montrose (Transcription of the novel by Sir Walter Scott.) (Anders Thulin)

Ivanhoe. A Romance (Transcription of the novel by Sir Walter Scott.) (Anders Thulin)

Linda Garbin, (U. Liverpool) The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck: Walter Scott in the Writings of Mary Shelley (Criticism.) (Romanticism on the Net)

Waverley Novels of Sir Walter Scott ("Selected novels from the text 'Waverley Novels - The Centenary Edition', volume 3, published by Adam & Charles Black, Edinburgh, in 1870, [The Antiquary in 1871] and printed by R. Clark, Edinburgh.") (Starn: Scots Teaching and Research Network)



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