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Date: Nov 9, 1799


Bonaparte's Coup of 18 Brumaire: Napoleon overthrows the Directory, becomes the First Consul of France, effectively ending the French Revolution.


*French Revolution  

Links for Napoleon Bonaparte:

Napoleon's Invasion of Russia (Brief overview of Napoleon Baonparte's invasion of Russia and other events in Russian history from the point of view of the Russion National Tourist Office. Includes a hypertext image map timeline.) (InterKnowledge Corp.) (Good web resource for Napoleon with links and biographical information.)


Links for French Revolution:

(Constituent Assembly) Declaration of the Rights of Man (text put on line for the Avalon Project at Yale Univ.)

Fall of the Bastille (encyclopedia entry)

The French Revolution, 1789-1792 (site for high school students)

British Newspaper Coverage of the French Revolution (reproduces contemporaneous British accounts of the French Revolution) (Alan Liu)

Let Them Eat Cake (hagiography by an independent scholar)

Maximilen Robespierre, Robespierre, Terror and Virtue (excerpt from Robespierre's On the Moral and Political Principles of Domestic Policy) (Paul Halsall)

The French Revolution, Moderate Stage, 1789-1792 (online lecture by an independent scholar) (Steven Kreis)

French Revolution, Radical Stage, 1792-1794 (online lecture by an independent scholar) (Steven Kreis)



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