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Date: 1768


Oliver Goldsmith, The Good-Natured Man.



Work Title

The Good-Natured Man 

Published: 1768


Links for Oliver Goldsmith:

"An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog" (Complete text transcription of Goldsmith's poem, with miscellaneous notes.) (U. Virginia)

Oliver Goldsmith (Some notes on Goldsmith, with transcriptions of "Sweet Auburn" and "The Village Schoolmaster.") (Benown House B&B)

"The Deserted Village" (Complete text-only transcription of Goldsmith's poem.) (Michael Gamer)

"The Vicar of Wakefield" (Complete text transcription of the Goldsmith's poem.) (Eletronic Texts Center)


Links for Sensibility:

Hannah More, Sensibility: An Epistle to the Honourable Mrs. Boscawen (Complete HTML version of the text. ) (Michael Gamer)

Helen Maria Williams, "To Sensibility" (Transcription of the text.) (Michael Gamer)

Sensibility (Transcription of Jane Austen's novel.) (Henry Churchyard)

Dictionary of Sensibility (Project developed in Jerome J. McGann and Patricia Meyer Spacks's U. Virginia course on "The Novel of Sensibility"; includes extensive glosses on terms of the period, critical apparatus, and many illustrative excerpts from literary and other relevant texts.) (Jerome J. McGann and Patricia Meyer Spacks)

Sensibility: An Epistle to the Honourable Mrs. Boscawen (Transcription of the poem by Hannah More.) (Michael Gamer)

Yearsley Ann, Ann Yearsley, "Addressed to Sensibility" (Transcription of the poem.) (Stuart Curran)



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