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Date: 1820


Revolts in Spain and Italy against Bourbons. In Madrid, mutiny by troops who refuse to go to South America to oppose revolution. Spanish liberales continue opposition against Bourbons in Spain. Palermo revolts briefly. Naples forms a Republic. Revolution in Portugal. England: dissolution of Parliament. Cato street conspiracy. Throughout Europe, Royalist reactions.



Links for France:

Reflections on the Revolution in France (Full text-only transcription of Burke's essay. Based on Virginia Tech's version.) (Bjorn Christensson)


Links for Spain:

Si Spain (Includes info on contemporary and historical Spain.) (Spanish Embassy, Ottawa, Canada)

Si Spain: History of Spain (Links to historical information.) (Spanish Embassy, Ottawa, Canada)

Si Spain: Peninsular War and the Consitution of 1812 (Historical information.) (Spanish Embassy, Ottawa, Canada)



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