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Date: June 2, 1780 - June 8, 1780


The Gordon Riots: Parliament passes a Roman Catholic relief measure; for days, London is at the mercy of a mob and destruction is widespread. This event "nips the association movement [for Parliamentary reform] in the bud."

Notes: Plumb, J. H. England in the Eighteenth Century. Baltimore, Md.: Penguin Books, 1963. 


*Parliamentary Reform

Links for Parliamentary Reform:

Electoral Reform: Rotten Boroughs (Notes on Rotten Boroughs and the effort to abolish them through parliamentary reform.) (Laura Mandell)

Peterloo Massacre (multiple pages providing a variety of information)

Peterloo Massacre (excerpt from Charles W. Colby, ed., Selections from the Sources of English History, B.C. 55 - A.D. 1832 (London: Longmans, Green, 1920), pp. 298-300 ) (Paul Halsall)



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