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Date: 1807


Sierra Leone becomes a crown colony. Sugar prices continue downward. Madeira, Curacao, and the Danish West Indies are captured by the British.



Links for Colonialism:

Speech on conciliation with America, March 22, 1775 (Text-only transcription of Burke's speech.) (American Revolution HTML Project)

Matthew Lewis on Colonial Slavery (Quotes from the slaveholder Matthew Lewis on slavery, which he sees as offering better conditions than those of laborers in England.) (Laura Mandell)

Rajiv Gandhi (History of the prime minister of independent India.) (Vinay Lal)

Public Interest Litigation (Role of the courts in the modern history of India, particularly how the Supreme Court has been known to intervene in domestic affairs.) (Vinay Lal)

The Victorian Canon ("Web site devoted to investigating the problem of taste and aesthetics with regard to the Victorian canon in particular, and to the canon debates in the academy in general . . .contains on-line syllabi [e.g. Victoriana: The Popular Canon; The Victorian Novel; Victorian Poetry; The Novel and the Long 19th Century; Literature of Empire], on-line texts [including short stories by Lady Jane Wilde and Mary Elizabeth Braddon], images, external links, and a theory archive"; includes information about imperialism/colonialism in the Victorian Age.) (Jennifer Jones & Rita Raley)

The East India Company (History of the East India Company and its role in the occupation of India by the British.) (Vinay Lal)

Black Hole of Calcutta (History of the incident--a probable fabrication--and its influence on the British occupying India.) (Vinay Lal)

Robert Clive (History of Clive's involvement in the British occupation of India.) (Vinay Lal)

Warren Hastings (History of the British commander, involved in the occupation of India.) (Vinay Lal)

Battle of Plassey (History of the "battle" between the British and the Indian forces of the Nawab.) (Vinay Lal)

Siraj-ud-daulah (Brief history of the British Nawab and his end at the hands of the Indians and British sympathizers.) (Vinay Lal)

The Mughal Empire (History of the Mughals and their involvement with the British occupiers of India.) (Vinay Lal)

Aurangzeb (History of the Mughal ruler and his involvement with the British occupiers of India.) (Vinay Lal)

Lal Bahadur Shastri (History of the ruler of independent India.) (Vinay Lal)

Indira Gandhi (History of the prime minister of independent India.) (Vinay Lal)



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