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Date: 1791


Proofs of Blake, The French Revolution (not published).


*French Revolution  

Work Title

The French Revolution 

Composed: 1791     

Book of Poems 

Links for William Blake:

20/20 Blake (Page for musical by George Coates with music by Adlai Alexander ad Todd Rundgren; "the audience wear 3D glasses to experience stereographic illusions created from digital manipulations of the paintings and engravings enabling live performers to appear in the artworks.)

Blake Digital Text Project (Nelson Hilton)

Blake's "The Four Zoas" Fetishized: An Experimental Hypertext (Unique Blake page.) (Bill Ruegg)

"Managing the Blake Archive" (Information on the design and maintenance of the Blake Archive.) (Matthew Kirschenbaum)

On-Line Book Initiative Blake Texts (FTP site including links to 28 works by William Blake.) (The World)

Online Concordance to eE (This site provides an on-line Concordance to The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake,, ed. David V. Erdman. ) (Nelson Hilton)

Selected Poetry of William Blake (Transcriptions of 40 Blake poems.ry ) (Representative Poetry On-line)

The Blake Archive (Web site for state-of-the-art text and image encoding project that uses a combination of SGML, HTML, Java, and proprietary software tools to allow users to search, view, and manipulate images of the original copies of Blake's works.) (Morris Eaves, Robert Essick, Joseph Viscomi)

The Blake List Home Page (Home page for William Blake discussion e-mailing list.) (AlbionBooks)

The Blake Multimedia Project (Info about Hypercard-based resource apparently available on diskettes.) (Stephen Marx)

The Urizen Books ("Contains the texts of William Blake's Urizen books -- The [First] Book of Urizen, The Book of Ahania, and The Book of Los -- with links to the plates, notes, a glossary, and other materials useful for understanding the texts.") (Joseph Hogan)

Timeline of Blake's Life, Art and Literary Work (Charles Beauvais)

William Blake (selected poems) (The Poetry Archive)

David E. Erdman, The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake (Complete text version put online by Nelson Hilton, U. Georgia; includes searchable Concordance with context-retrieval.) (Nelson Hilton)

The Book of Thel (Transcription of William Blake's poem.) (Blake Archive)

David Lashmet, (U. Florida) Unfurling the Worm: Insecto-theology in William Blake's Thel (Criticism of William Blake's Book of Thel.) (Prometheus Unplugged)

John Tolva, (Washington U.) "The 'bounding line': Verbal and Visual Linearity in Blake's 'Laoco÷n' and Book of Urizen" (Criticism of the work of William Blake.)

Thomas Pfau, "Bringing About the Past: Prophetic Memory in Kant, Godwin, and Blake" (1996) (Criticism of William Blake, Willim Godwin, and Immanuel Kant work.) (Romantic Praxis)

Blake's Marriage of Heaven and Hell (Scholarly notes on the dating of Blake's illuminated book of poetry.) (Laura Mandell)

The Samuel Taylor Coleridge Archives (Collection of Electronic Texts.) (Electronic Text Center)

Songs of Innocence and of Experience (Multiple-version presentation of the Songs using clickable imagemaps based for reasons of speed on black-and-white reproductions of Blake's plates; clicking on an image brings up an enlargement; clicking on part of the enlargement brings up commentary if available.) (Nelson Hilton)

Web Concordances: William Blake - Songs of Innocence and of Experience (Frames-based concordance of William Blake's book.) (Rob Watt)

Blake (T.S. Eliot on William Blake.) (Project Bartleby)

Blake's Gothic Readings (Notes on William Blake and the Gothic.) (Douglass Thomson)

David M. Baulch, (U. Washington) The Sublime of the Bible (Criticism of William Blake's work.) (Romanticism on the Net)

Ron S. Broglio, (U. Florida) Containment Undone: Blake's Early Prophecies Re-Radicalizing Paine's Rights


Links for French Revolution:

(Constituent Assembly) Declaration of the Rights of Man (text put on line for the Avalon Project at Yale Univ.)

Fall of the Bastille (encyclopedia entry)

The French Revolution, 1789-1792 (site for high school students)

British Newspaper Coverage of the French Revolution (reproduces contemporaneous British accounts of the French Revolution) (Alan Liu)

Let Them Eat Cake (hagiography by an independent scholar)

Maximilen Robespierre, Robespierre, Terror and Virtue (excerpt from Robespierre's On the Moral and Political Principles of Domestic Policy) (Paul Halsall)

The French Revolution, Moderate Stage, 1789-1792 (online lecture by an independent scholar) (Steven Kreis)

French Revolution, Radical Stage, 1792-1794 (online lecture by an independent scholar) (Steven Kreis)


Links for The French Revolution:

French Revolution Home Page (Resources and links.) (Agent Mess)

French Revolutionary Pamphlets (Links to transcriptions of three pamphlets.) (Mark Olsen)

Revolution and After: Tragedies and Farces (Resources on the French Revolution.) (Richard Hooker)

The Guillotine Page (Information on the execution device and its use in the French Revolution.) (Jorn Fabricius)

The Image of France (Key-word indexing of the record of prints--engravings, lithographs, woodcuts, etc.--published in Paris in the Bibliographie de la France for 1811-17. Especially dealing with the French Revolution.) (George D. Mckee) (Good web resource for Napoleon with links and biographical information.)

"The Enlightened Sublime: Poetry and the French Revolution" (Course on the Sublime and related issues.) (Michael Gamer)



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