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Date: 1795


Hannah More begins publishing her Cheap Repository Tracts, that is, pamphlets instructing common people in matters of conduct that appeared in the series called, "The Cheap Repository for Religious and Moral Tracts." "The Shepherd of Salisbury Plain" published this year as one of the Cheap Repository Tracts.

Work Title

The Shepherd of Salisbury Plain 

Published: 1795

Short Fiction 

Work2 Title

Cheap Repository Tracts 

Published: 1795


Links for Hannah More:

Hannah More, Sensibility: An Epistle to the Honourable Mrs. Boscawen (Complete HTML version of the text. ) (Michael Gamer)

Sensibility: An Epistle to the Honourable Mrs. Boscawen (Transcription of the poem by Hannah More.) (Michael Gamer)

The Sorrows of Yamba or The Negro Woman's Lamentation (Hypertext transcription of the poem, which is attributed to Hannah More.)



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