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Date: 1769


Millar v. Taylor was a landmark case, a victory for London booksellers: Court of King's Bench rules that authors are indeed proprietors of their own works by common-law right, giving booksellers perpetual copyright, as opposed to a shortened term of copyright ownership based on equating authorship of texts to authorship of patents. This case reverses the Statute of Anne, but only temporarily: the ruling was overturned in Donaldson v. Becket

Notes: John Feather, Mark Rose, “The Author as Proprietor: Donaldson vs. Becket and the Genealogy of Modern Authorship,” Representations, 23 (1988): 51-85. 



Work Title

The Seasons 


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Selected Poetry of James Thomson (1700-1748) (Includes 3 complete texts and 3 excerpts (2 of which are from the The Seasons.)

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James Thomson, "Rule Brittania" (Full HTML version of the text.) (Representative Poetry On-line)



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