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Date: 1813


The Battle of Lepzig; Napoleon defeated and in retreat. Wellington victorious in Peninsular War; Spain liberated. Austria joins the alliance against France.



Links for Napoleon Bonaparte:

Napoleon's Invasion of Russia (Brief overview of Napoleon Baonparte's invasion of Russia and other events in Russian history from the point of view of the Russion National Tourist Office. Includes a hypertext image map timeline.) (InterKnowledge Corp.) (Good web resource for Napoleon with links and biographical information.)


Links for Spain:

Si Spain (Includes info on contemporary and historical Spain.) (Spanish Embassy, Ottawa, Canada)

Si Spain: History of Spain (Links to historical information.) (Spanish Embassy, Ottawa, Canada)

Si Spain: Peninsular War and the Consitution of 1812 (Historical information.) (Spanish Embassy, Ottawa, Canada)


Links for France:

Reflections on the Revolution in France (Full text-only transcription of Burke's essay. Based on Virginia Tech's version.) (Bjorn Christensson)



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