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Details 1765  Horace Walpole, The Castle of Otranto. *The Gothic  
Details 1786  William Beckford, Vathek. *The Gothic  
Details 1789  Ann Radcliffe, The Castles of Athlyn and Dunbane. *The Gothic  
Details 1796  Matthew G. Lewis, The Monk *The Gothic  
Details 1797  Ann Radcliffe, The Italian. *The Gothic  
Details 1810  P. B. Shelley, gothic novel Zastrozzi. *The Gothic  
Details 1811  P. B. Shelley, St. Irvyne (a gothic novella). *The Gothic  
Details 1816  Thomas Love Peacock, Headlong Hall. *The Gothic  
Details 1818  Thomas Love Peacock, Rhododaphne, Nightmare Abbey. *The Gothic  
Details 1829  Thomas Love Peacock, The Misfortunes of Elphin. *The Gothic  
Details 1831  Thomas Love Peacock, Crotchet Castle. *The Gothic  



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