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Details 1789 - 1799  France: The French Revolution, ending with the overthrow of the Directory by Napoleon Bonaparte. *France
*French Revolution  
Details May 1789  Louis XVI attempts limited economic reforms. *French Revolution  
Details June 17, 1789  The Third Estate--representatives of the French people who are neither aristocrats (First Estate) nor clergy (Second Estate)--names itself the National Assembly (the equivalent of the English House of Commons or the U.S. House of Representatives breaking off from the rest of the government and legislating on their own). *French Revolution  
Details June 20, 1789  The oath of the Jeu de Paume (the Tennis Court where the National Assembly is now meeting; they resolve not to adjourn until they have established a constitution for the kingdom). *French Revolution  
Details June 22, 1789  The clergy joins the Third Estate. *French Revolution  
Details July 14, 1789  Fall of the Bastille: A Paris mob storms the Bastille prison; aristocracy begins to emigrate. *French Revolution  
Details Aug 1789  Constituent Assembly (formerly the National Assembly) ratifies The Declaration of the Rights of Man, abolished Feudalism, and drafts a constitution limiting the monarchy. Jacobins, at first the liberal, then increasing radical wing of the assembly, gain power. *French Revolution  
Details Oct 5, 1789 - Oct 6, 1789  "October days": Parisian women, unable to get bread, march to Versailles and bring the royal family back to Paris. *French Revolution  
Details Nov 1789  Land owned by the church is nationalized. *French Revolution  
Details 1790  Beginning of the Revolution Controversy (the pamphlet war set off by Edmund Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France). *French Revolution  
Details July 12, 1790  French Revolution: Civil constitution of the Clergy (the state gets clergy's tithes and property). *French Revolution  
Details July 14, 1790  French Revolution: Marquis de Lafayette, general who formerly fought with George Washington, presides over the Fête of Federation, the celebration in Paris (and elsewhere in France) commemorating Bastille day of 1789. *French Revolution  
Details Nov 1, 1790  Edmund Burke, Reflections on the Revolution in France. *French Revolution
*Revolution Controversy in England  
Details Nov 29, 1790  Wollstonecraft's Vindication of the Rights of Men published anonymously. *French Revolution  
Details 1791  French Revolution: The Pope condemns the new French constitution. *French Revolution  
Details 1791  Proofs of Blake, The French Revolution (not published). *French Revolution  
Details May 19, 1791  Edmund Burke, "Letter to a Member of the National Assembly." (Dated January 1791.) *French Revolution  
Details June 1791  French Revolution: Louis XVI tries to flee France, but is arrested, returned to Paris, and forced to accept the new constitution. *French Revolution  
Details July 17, 1791  French Revolution: Troops led by Lafayette (now in the moderate Girondin faction) open fire on a Republican demonstration in the Champ de Mars (site of the Fête of Federation in Paris a year earlier). *French Revolution  
Details Oct 1, 1791  French Revolution: Newly elected Legislative Assembly opens. *French Revolution  
Details Dec 1791  French Revolution: Legislative Assembly deprives émigrés of their property. *French Revolution  
Details 1792  Reform: violence in France; repression in Britain (restrictions on freedom of the press). Fox gets Libel Act through Parliament; the act requires a jury and not a judge to determine libel (this act saves reformers in 1794). *French Revolution
*Parliamentary Reform  
Details 1792  Mass petition compaign for abolition. Commons resolves on gradual abolition by 1796. Lords delay action in favor of preliminary hearings. Boycott of sugar begins. French Revolution begins to affect mass agitation. Sierra Leone settlement renewed. Denmark decrees gradual abolition by 1803. *Abolition
*French Revolution  
Details Mar 1792  Girondins come to power, advocating a constitutional monarchy, overthrow of the clergy, and the aggressive export of the French Revolution across Europe. *French Revolution  
Details Apr 20, 1792  France declares war against Austria. *French Revolution  




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