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Details Jan 1, 1707  Union with Scotland: Scots agreed to send 16 peers and 45 MPs to English Parliament in return for full trading privileges; Scottish Parliament met for the last time in March. *Scotland  
Details 1715  Jacobite rebellion: Earl of Mar leads the Scottish Rebellion on behalf of the Pretender; The Riot Act passed. *Jacobites
Details Oct 22, 1740  James Boswell born, Edinburgh, Scotland. *Scotland  
Details Aug 1745  Jacobite rebellion in Scotland: Bonnie Prince Charlie landed in the western Highlands in August and raised support among Episcopalian and Catholic clans. The Pretender's army invaded Perth, Edinburgh, and England as far as Derby. *Jacobites
Details Apr 1746  5000 Highlanders faced the Duke of Cumberland leading 9000 loyalist Scots and are routed at the battle of Culloden. Charles fled back to France, ending Jacobite hopes forever. *Scotland
Details Jan 25, 1759  Robert Burns born, Alloway, Ayrshire, Scotland. *Scotland  
Details 1786  Robert Burns, Poems Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. *Scotland  
Details Dec 1792  First General Convention of Scottish Reformers in Edinburgh (Muir & Palmer). *Scotland  
Details Apr 30, 1793  The second general convention of Scottish reformers in Edinburgh. *Scotland  
Details Aug 1793 - Sept 1793  Scottish radicals Muir and Palmer are sentenced to 7-14 years transportation to Botany Bay by Chief Justice in Edinburgh, Lord Braxfield. *Scotland  
Details Nov 19, 1793  A convention of Scottish and British reformers meet in Edinburgh: one of the five delegates from England, Charles Sinclair, later moved that the meeting be called "The British Convention of the Delegates of the People, associated to obtain Universal Suffrage and Annual Parliaments." Among the English reformers were Maurice Margarot and Joseph Gerrald of the London Corresponding Society; William Skirving headed up delegates from the Scottish societies. *Scotland  
Details Jan 1, 1801  Union with Ireland takes effect by proclamation. George III is now called king of Great Britain (England and Scotland) and Ireland. *Ireland
Details 1802  Sir Walter Scott, Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border. *Scotland  
Details Aug 18, 1803  James Beattie dies, Aberdeen, Scotland. *Scotland  
Details 1814  Sir Walter Scott, Waverley. *Scotland  
Details 1847  Institution of the United Presbyterian Church of Scotland. *Scotland  



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