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Details May 1813  P. B. Shelley, Queen Mab. (E. P. Thompson says that the notes to this poem communicated the early Godwin's philosophical anarchism to the Chartists.) *Chartism  
Details Feb 1837  Reform: At Meeting Crown and Anchor Tavern, London Working Man's Association passes resolution that will become the charter. *Chartism  
Details May 1837  Reform: "People's Charter" published. *Chartism  
Details 1838  Chartism, a working-class movement for the extension of the franchise, comes into existence. The Chartists' six-point charter demands universal suffrage, secret ballot, annual elections, payment of Members, no property qualification for MPs, equal electoral districts. *Chartism  
Details 1839  Chartist petition ignored by government: "charter" of political reforms is presented to Parliament by workers and rejected. *Chartism  
Details 1839  Thomas Carlyle, Chartism. *Chartism  
Details Feb 1839  Chartist Convention meets in London. *Chartism  
Details Aug 12, 1839  Chartist of National Holiday celebration unsuccessful. *Chartism  
Details 1842  Reform: Chartist petition ignored in Parliament; riots follow. *Chartism  
Details 1848  Reform: Chartist petition has no impact on Parliament. *Chartism  



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