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Details 1823  Clarkson and Wilberforce found The Society for the Mitigation and Gradual Abolition of Slavery Throughout the British Dominions and its influential Monthly Reporter. Parliament debates emancipation. Slave uprising in Demerara polarizes the factions. *Abolition  
Details 1823  Ireland: Foundation of Catholic Association (dissolved and then reconstituted, 1825). *Ireland  
Details 1823  France and Spain are at War. *France
Details 1823  Felicia Hemans, The Vespers of Palermo, The Siege of Valencia . . . : Other Poems, Tales and Historic Scenes (2nd ed.)  
Details 1823  Robert Southey, The History of the Penninsular War.  
Details 1823  Mary Shelley, Valperga (revised by Godwin) and 2nd ed. of Frankenstein(unaltered).  
Details 1823  Byron leaves Murray for John Hunt to publish Don Juan VI-XIV., The Liberal publishes Byron's "Heaven and Earth" and "The Blues."  
Details 1823  Byron, The Age of Bronze, The Island.  
Details 1823  Charles Lamb, Essays of Elia.  
Details 1823  Sir Walter Scott, Quentin Durward.  
Details 1823  Mary and William Howitt's The Forest Minstrel and Other Poems.  
Details 1823  A translation of Goethe's Faust published by J. Murray with Schiller's "Song of the Bell."  
Details 1823  Caroline Lamb, Ada Reis, a Tale.  
Details 1823  Winthrop Praed, Australasia.  
Details 1823  Translation of Jacob Grimm, Grimms' Fairy Tales (illus. by Cruikshank).  
Details 1823  Mitford's Julian is produced with Macready in the title role.  
Details 1823  Joanna Baillie edits A Collections of Poems, Chiefly Manuscript, and from Living Authors, featuring the contributions of Sir Walter Scott, William Wordsworth, Barbauld, Hemans, and Southey, with many others.  
Details 1823  Franz Schubert, Die schone Mullerin, Op. 25.  
Details 1823  Carl Maria von Weber, Euryanthe.  
Details 1823  The "virtual repeal" of the Black Act, which allowed capital punishment for deer- and wood-stealing from a Lord's property, took place a full century after its original enactment, "after prolonged resistance" to its repeal, including support of the Act expressed in the Quarterly Review 24 (1821): 199.  
Details Mar 1823  Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland meets for the first time. *Colonialism  
Details July 1823  Byron sails to Greece to participate in the Greek Revolution; he helps to finance the revolutionary army. *Greece  
Details Sept 23, 1823  Death of Matthew Baillie.  
Details Sept 23, 1823  Death of Matthew Baillie.  
Details Oct 1823  Murray publishes Byron's Werner (t.p. 1823).  




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