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Details 1655  Rabbi Menasseh Ben Israel petitions the Commonwealth of England on the legal readmission of Jews into England, which would reverse Edward I's 1290 decree expelling Jews from England. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details Dec 1656  Whitehall Conference decides to allow Jews to reside in England "on an unofficial basis." Cromwell's administration would never make this decision official. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1657  First London synagogue founded *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details Nov 30, 1660  Public remonstrance against the Jews addressed to Charles II, who decrees that the Jews be left alone, provided that they would "demeane themselves peaceably and quietly with due obedience to his Maties' Lawes, & without scandall to his Government." *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1673  First Test Act prevents non-Anglicans from holding public office. See also Second Test Act. *Anglicans
*Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1678  Second Test Act prevents non-Anglicans from holding public office. See also First Test Act. *Anglicans
*Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1698  Parliament passes Blasphemy Act, targeting non-Anglican Christians. An amendment which would have included Jews as liable for persecution is rejected by a vote of 140-78. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details June 23, 1700  Solomon de Medina becomes the first Jewish knight. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1714  John Toland pens Reasons for Naturalizing the Jews in Great Britain and Ireland. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1744 - 1745  Moses Hart and Aaron Frank, leading members of the London synagogue, petition King George on behalf of Jews banished from Bohemia. The Jews are allowed to return to their homeland. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details Apr 3, 1753  The Jewish Naturalization Bill, more popularly known as the "Jew Bill," is introduced in Parliament. The Bill would free foreign-born Jews living in England from commercial discrimination, as they would not have to take the sacrament as part of the naturalization process. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details May 22, 1753  Parliament passes the "Jew Bill," protests ensue. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details Nov 15, 1753  The Duke of Newcastle introduces a new Bill which would repeal the "Jew Bill" *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details Dec 20, 1753  The Duke of Newcastle's Bill passes, repealing the earlier Jewish Naturalization Bill. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1768  Immigration wave from Eastern Europe, increasing the Jewish population in England an estimated threefold. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1787  Lord George Gordon (namesake of the 1780 Gordon Riots) converts to Judaism. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1790  Collection of Testimonies in Favour of Religious Liberty published. *Anglo-Jewish History
Details 1792  Benjamin and Abraham Goldsmid enter the British financial world, restoring a sense of order. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1793  Aliens Act. Among the results of this Act are raids on Jewish pedlars and traders, and their ultimate deportation. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1794  First performance of Richard Cumberland's The Jew--a play in which a Jew is the hero. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1795  The Missionary Society established in London. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1808  Benjamin Goldsmid commits suicide. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1809  The Missionary Society become the London Society for the Promotion of Christianity Amongst the Jews. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1810  Abraham Goldsmid commits suicide, after the failure of a government loan. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1812  An Appeal to the Humanity of the English People on Behalf of the Jews published. *Anglo-Jewish History  




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