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Details Aug 1, 1714  Queen Anne Stuart dies; George I Hanover becomes king. *House of Stuart
*House of Hanover  
Details June 11, 1727  George I dies; George II Hanover becomes king. *House of Hanover  
Details 1736  Frederick, Prince of Wales, sets up a rival Court at Leicester House, a social center for the opposition to Sir Robert Walpole. *House of Hanover  
Details 1742  England goes to war with Spain, incited by William Pitt the Elder for the sake of trade. Sir Robert Walpole resigns. Continental War under Carteret: Pitt denounces Carteret's policy as "a wild waste of England's resources for the despicable [Hanover] electorate." *Spain
*House of Hanover  
Details Oct 25, 1760  George II dies; George III Hanover, his grandson, becomes king. *House of Hanover  
Details 1763  City merchants angry at George III: "the day of the bourgeois radical dawned." *Economics
*House of Hanover  
Details 1788  King George III's mental illness occasions the Regency Crisis: Edmund Burke and Charles James Fox attack the ministry of William Pitt the Younger by trying to obtain full regal powers for the Prince of Wales. *The Regency Crisis
*House of Hanover  
Details Feb 1788  King George III recovers from madness, leaving Pitt's ministry safe. *The Regency Crisis
*House of Hanover  
Details May 21, 1792  George III issues a Royal Proclamation vs. seditious writings: The Rights Of Man banned; Paine charged with sedition. *House of Hanover  
Details 1810  George III recognized as insane. *House of Hanover  
Details Feb 5, 1811  Prince of Wales (future George IV) made Regent after George III deemed insane. *House of Hanover  
Details Jan 29, 1820  Accession of George IV, previously Prince Regent. *House of Hanover  
Details Aug 17, 1820  The Trial of Queen Caroline to prove her infidelities so that George IV can divorce her begins. George tries to divorce her by securing a Bill of Pains and Penalities; the queen is virtually acquitted because the bill is passed by such a small majority of Lords. *House of Hanover  
Details June 26, 1830  George IV dies; his brother, William IV, accedes to the throne. *House of Hanover  
Details June 20, 1837  William IV dies; Victoria accedes to the throne. Later she receives two death threats. *House of Hanover  
Details Nov 1837  Victoria's progress to the Guild Hall. *House of Hanover  
Details Nov 23, 1839  Queen Victoria announces her engagement to Prince Albert. *House of Hanover  
Details 1840  Queen Victoria marries Prince Albert. *House of Hanover  



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