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Details 1794  Treason trials in Britain throughout the year.  
Details 1794  William Dundas recants, arguing against abolition, and the compromise is not enacted (see 1793). Commons passes a foreign abolition bill. Lords tables the bill in favor of continued hearings on general abolition. Britain temporarily conquers Guadeloupe, St. Lucia, and large sections of St. Domingue; this enterprise costs 4,500,000 pounds and 80,000 soldiers. Martinique permanently occupied. Sugar reaches its low price point before 1799. French ships raid the African coast, including Sierra Leone. *Abolition
Details 1794  The French Convention abolishes slavery in the French colonies. France conquers Holland. *France
*French Revolution  
Details 1794  Ireland: Catholics statutorily enabled to attend Trinity College, Dublin. Suppression of Dublin United Irishmen. *Ireland  
Details 1794  William Blake, Europe: A Prophecy, The First Book of Urizen, Songs of Innocence and of Experience (dated 1794).  
Details 1794  William Paley, Evidences of Christianity.  
Details 1794  Mary Wollstonecraft, An Historical and Moral View of the Origin and Progress of the French Revolution.  
Details 1794  Johann Gottlieb Fichte, On the Concept of the Science of Knowledge.  
Details 1794  Ann Radcliffe, The Mysteries of Udolpho.  
Details 1794  Charlotte Smith, The Wanderings of Warwick and The Banished Man.  
Details 1794  First performance of Richard Cumberland's The Jew--a play in which a Jew is the hero. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1794  Joseph Priestley emigrates to the U.S. in order to escape political persecution. *Radicalism  
Details 1794 - 1795  Haydn, Piano Sonatas in E flat major and C major.  
Details Jan 1794  Skirving and Margarot found guilty of sedition by Lord Braxfield; Sinclair turns king's evidence against them; Gerrald convicted in March; all sentenced to 14 years transportation--Margarot was the only one who lived to return to England. (This follows their 1793 arrest.)  
Details Mar 1794 - Apr 1794  French Revolution: Arrest and execution of Hébertists and Dantonists; Danton arrested and after a show trial beheaded. *French Revolution  
Details Apr 14, 1794  London Corresponding Society's mass meeting in London protesting sentences of transportation passed on Muir and Palmer.  
Details May 1794  Arrest of secretaries of the London Corresponding Society, Hardy and Adams; later Thelwall (LCS) as well as Holcroft and Horne Tooke (Society for Constitutional Information) were also arrested.  
Details May 1794 - June 1794  The Philanthropist, a weekly journal is planned by William Wordsworth and William Mathews but does not begin publication until March 1795.  
Details May 17, 1794  Suspension of Habeas Corpus: suspending Habeas Corpus allowed keeping the reformers in prison without charging them with anything (they aren't indicted until October). Their families, left without income, are supported by donations from "Friends of the People" (i.e., sympathizers in the cause of reform).  
Details May 28, 1794  William Godwin, Caleb Williams.  
Details June 1794  Coleridge and Robert Southey plan the Pantisocracy, a polity to be established in Pennsylvania, based on the theory that the ownership of property was the chief evil of society.  
Details June 8, 1794  William Wordsworth's letter to William Mathews.  
Details June 10, 1794  French Revolution: Law passed dispensing with defense lawyers and witnesses. *French Revolution  
Details July 27, 1794  French Revolution: "The Ninth of Thermidor": arrest of Robespierre, Saint-Juste, and Robespierre's other followers (executed 28-29 July); beginning of the Thermidorian reaction. *French Revolution  
Details July 29, 1794  French Revolution: Robespierre executed without trial; the Great Terror ends. From 17 July 1793 to this date, 1,400 Parisians executed. *French Revolution  




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