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Details 1831  Stendhal, Le Rouge et le Noir..  
Details 1831  National Union of the Working Classes founded in London with assistance from Robert Owen.  
Details 1831  Charles Darwin and company leave on the Beagle.  
Details 1831  Abolition: Massive slave revolt in Jamaica with retaliations against slaves and sympathetic missionaries. *Abolition
Details 1831  Industrial Revolution: Faraday discovers electromagnetic induction. *Industrial Revolution  
Details 1831  Guiseppe Mazzini founds Young Italy in Marseilles.  
Details 1831  Mary Shelley, revised Frankenstein, her Introduction added.  
Details 1831  Mrs. John Sanford, Woman, in her Social and Domestic Character.  
Details 1831  Letitia Landon, Romance and Reality.  
Details 1831  Thomas Carlye, Characteristics.  
Details 1831  G. W. F. Hegel, Lectures on the Philosophy of History.  
Details 1831  Benjamin Disraeli, The Young Duke.  
Details 1831  Ebenezer Elliott, Corn-Law Rhymes.  
Details 1831  Susan Ferrier, Destiny.  
Details 1831  Victor Hugo, Notre Dame of Paris.  
Details 1831  G. P. R. James, Philip Augustus.  
Details 1831  Harriet Martineau, Five Years of Youth, or Sense and Sentiment.  
Details 1831  Thomas Love Peacock, Crotchet Castle. *The Gothic  
Details 1831  Sir Walter Scott, Castle Dangerous.  
Details 1831  Charles Thackrah, The Effects of the Principal Arts, Trades, and Professions, and of Civic States and Habits of Living, on Health and Longevity.  
Details 1831  Edward Trelawny, Adventures of a Younger Son.  
Details 1831  Thomas Hood, The Dream of Eugene Aram (designs by W. Harvey).  
Details 1831  Abolition: Mary Prince, The History of Mary Prince, a West-Indian Slave (searing reports of atrocities, especially to female slaves, fuels emancipation case for colonial slaves). *Abolition  
Details 1831  Coleridge's last meeting with W. Wordsworth.  
Details 1831  Felicia Hemans negotiates to be paid 2 pounds per page of poetry, making her the highest-paid poet by Blackwood's.  




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