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Details 1838  Robert Smith Surtees, Jorrocks' Jaunts and Jollities. (First published in New Sporting Magazine in 1831)  
Details 1838  Chartism, a working-class movement for the extension of the franchise, comes into existence. The Chartists' six-point charter demands universal suffrage, secret ballot, annual elections, payment of Members, no property qualification for MPs, equal electoral districts. *Chartism  
Details 1838  Anti-Corn League formed *Corn Laws  
Details 1838  Industrial Revolution: the first railway train enters London. Ocean Steamers to the U.S. *United States
*Industrial Revolution  
Details 1838  Letitia Landon, "Felicia Hemans," in Fisher's Drawing-Room Scrapbook.  
Details 1838  Thomas Arnold, Early History of Rome (completed 1843).  
Details 1838  Elizabeth Barrett (Browning), The Seraphim.  
Details 1838  Charles Armitage Brown, Shakespeare's Autobiographical Poems.  
Details 1838  Thomas Carlyle, Critical and Miscellaneous Essays (Boston only).  
Details 1838  Chorley, Authors of England.  
Details 1838  Finden, Tableaux of the Affections: a Series of Picturesque Illustrations of the Womanly Virtues.  
Details 1838  William Gladstone, The Church and Its Relation with the State.  
Details 1838  Lady Charlotte Guest, Mabinogion.  
Details 1838  John Kenyon, Poems, for the Most Part Occasional.  
Details 1838  Charles Lyell, Elements of Geology.  
Details 1838  Harriet Martineau, Retrospect of Western Travel.  
Details 1838  Richard Monckton Milnes, Memorials of a Resident on the Continent and Historical Poems.  
Details 1838  John Edmund Reade, Italy.  
Details 1838  William Mackpiece Thackeray, Yellowplush.  
Details 1838  Richard Townsend, Vision of the Western Railways.  
Details 1838  Frances Trollope, The Widow Barnaby and Romance of Vienna.  
Details 1838  Martin Tupper, Proverbial Philosophy.  
Details 1838  Charles Waterton, Essays on Natural History . . . with an Autobiography.  
Details 1838  Alfred, Lord Tennyson spends summer at Torquay and writes "Audley Court."  
Details 1838  Letitia Landon marries George Maclean.  




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