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Details 1796  More treason trials; leading radicals emigrate. *The Two Bills  
Details 1796  Wolfe Tone arrives in France. *Ireland
*French Revolution  
Details 1796  Napoleon Bonaparte's Italian victories. *French Revolution  
Details 1796  Commons narrowly defeats abolition. The Dolben act is not renewed because of oversight. British troops retake slave islands from French. *Abolition  
Details 1796  W. Wordsworth composes The Borderers. A Tragedy mostly between fall 1796 and spring 1797, culminating in the Early Version of 1799 (the first surviving manuscript of the complete play). *Romantic Drama  
Details 1796  Thomas Paine, The Age Of Reason (Part II) and Agrarian Justice.  
Details 1796  Frances Burney, Camilla.  
Details 1796  Maria Edgeworth, The Parent's Assistant.  
Details 1796  Elizabeth Inchbald, Nature and Art  
Details 1796  Matthew G. Lewis, The Monk *The Gothic  
Details 1796  Goethe, Wilhelm Meister (Pt. I).  
Details 1796  Denis Diderot, Jacques le fataliste.  
Details 1796  Mary Hays, Memoirs of Emma Courtney.  
Details 1796  Charlotte Smith, Marchmont.  
Details 1796  Elizabeth Hamilton, Letters of a Hindoo Rajah.  
Details 1796  Beethoven, Sonatas in F major and G minor, Op. 5; Adelaide, Op. 46. He also tours Prague, Dresden, Leipzig, and Berlin.  
Details 1796  Charlotte Smith, Rambles Farther: a continuation of Rural Walks . . . for the use of Young Persons (juvenile fiction, in dialogues)  
Details Jan 9, 1796  Coleridge tours the Midlands to sell The Watchman. He gives "sermons" (i.e., political lectures, sometimes wearing black like a priest: "Preaching spread a sort of sanctity over my Sedition".  
Details Feb 6, 1796  John Binns and John Gale Jones, missionary delegates from the London Corresponding Society, are sent to rural reform societies to explain how to evade and not challenge the "Gagging Acts" or "Two Bills." *Radicalism
*The Two Bills  
Details Feb 24, 1796  Edmund Burke, "A Letter to a Noble Lord": Burke's virtuosic answer to the Duke of Bedford, who attacked him for having accepted a large pension from the King.  
Details Mar 1796  The Insurrection Act (curfews, arms searches, the death penalty for oath taking).  
Details Mar 1, 1796  Coleridge, The Watchman, first issue. It runs until 13 May, 1796. Motto: "That All may know the TRUTH / And that the TRUTH may make us FREE!"  
Details Mar 11, 1796  John Binns and John Gale Jones are arrested and imprisoned in Birmingham; Francis Place is sent to defend them; they will be tried for violating the "Two Bills" (for the government and the radicals, a test case). Binns is acquitted in Aug. 1800, but Jones is convicted of sedition in April 1799, although never sentenced. The cost of defending them, bail, and the missions themselves contribute to downfall of the London Corresponding Society. *Radicalism
*The Two Bills  
Details Apr 16, 1796  Coleridge, Poems on Various Subjects.  
Details July 1, 1796  London Corresponding Society's Moral and Political Magazine is published monthly until May 1797.  




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