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Details 1711  Lord Shaftesbury, Characteristicks, articulates the philosophy of the literary movement of sensibility. *Sensibility  
Details 1722  Sir Richard Steele, The Conscious Lovers, a sentimental comedy. *Sensibility  
Details 1728  Frances Hutcheson, Nature and Conduct of the Passions and Affections. *Sensibility  
Details 1740  Samuel Richardson, Pamela. *Sensibility  
Details 1747  Thomas Warton, "Pleasures of Melancholy." *Sensibility  
Details 1753 - 1754  Samuel Richardson, Sir Charles Grandison. *Sensibility  
Details 1759  Adam Smith, Theory of Moral Sentiments. *Sensibility  
Details 1768  Oliver Goldsmith, The Good-Natured Man. *Sensibility  
Details 1768  Laurence Sterne, A Sentimental Journey. *Sensibility  
Details 1771  Henry Mackenzie, The Man of Feeling. *Sensibility  
Details 1773  Henry Mackenzie, The Man of the World. *Sensibility  
Details 1777  Henry Mackenzie, Julia de Roubigné. *Sensibility  
Details 1782  Hannah More, the essay "Sensibility," with Sacred Dramas. *Sensibility  



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