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Details 1642 - 1660  The English Revolution, effectively ending with the Restoration. *The English Revolution
*House of Stuart
*The Restoration  
Details 1649  Charles I beheaded. *The English Revolution  
Details 1655  Rabbi Menasseh Ben Israel petitions the Commonwealth of England on the legal readmission of Jews into England, which would reverse Edward I's 1290 decree expelling Jews from England. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details Dec 1656  Whitehall Conference decides to allow Jews to reside in England "on an unofficial basis." Cromwell's administration would never make this decision official. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1657  First London synagogue founded *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1660  Restoration of monarchy, succession of Charles II; regicides are executed; Clarendon code restricts Puritans' religious freedom. *The English Revolution
*The Restoration
Details Nov 30, 1660  Public remonstrance against the Jews addressed to Charles II, who decrees that the Jews be left alone, provided that they would "demeane themselves peaceably and quietly with due obedience to his Maties' Lawes, & without scandall to his Government." *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1661  Corporation Act prevents non-Anglicans from holding municipal office. *Anglicans
Details 1662  Act of Settlement: poor can only receive help from their native parish. *Poor Law  
Details 1673  First Test Act prevents non-Anglicans from holding public office. See also Second Test Act. *Anglicans
*Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1678  Titus Oates alleges a Jesuit plot to murder Charles II. *The Popish Plot  
Details 1678  Second Test Act prevents non-Anglicans from holding public office. See also First Test Act. *Anglicans
*Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1678 - 1681  Political crisis (later labeled by historians "the Exclusion Crisis") triggered by Popish Plot, involving attempt of elements of "Country" party, led by Shaftesbury, to exclude the Catholic James, Duke of York, from succession in favour of Charles II's bastard son, James, Duke of Monmouth. *The Exclusion Crisis
*The Popish Plot  
Details 1679  Ephelia, Female Poems on Several Occasions.  
Details 1683  Robert Gould, the misogynous satire Love Given O're: or, A Satyr against the Pride, Lust, Inconstancy, &c. of Woman.  
Details 1687  Sarah Fyge Egerton, The Female Advocate, or an answer to a Late Satyr against the Pride, Lust, and Inconstancy of Woman, signed S. F.  
Details 1688 - 1689  James II abdicates in what is later called by historians "The Glorious Revolution" because bloodless; William of Orange and Mary, daughter of James II, jointly take the throne (only William, however, had regal power). *The Glorious Revolution  
Details May 21, 1688  Alexander Pope born.  
Details 1689  Bill of Rights limits the powers of the monarchy over parliament. This act, ratifying the Glorious Revolution of 1688-9, incorporated the earlier "Declaration of Rights" offered to William upon his accession. *The Glorious Revolution  
Details 1689 - 1697  War of the Grand Alliance (Europe led by England to contain expasionist policies of Louis XIV, France) *France  
Details 1690  John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding.  
Details 1694  Bank of England established. *Economics  
Details 1695  Licensing Act expires. *Copyright  
Details 1696  Act of Parliament establishes Workhouses. *The Poor Law  
Details 1698  Parliament passes Blasphemy Act, targeting non-Anglican Christians. An amendment which would have included Jews as liable for persecution is rejected by a vote of 140-78. *Anglo-Jewish History  



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