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Details 1700  William Congreve, The Way of the World.  
Details 1700  John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (4th edition; contains for the first time the famous chapter on "The Association of Ideas" II.xxxiii).  
Details 1700  Sarah Fyge Egerton, "An Ode on the Death of John Dryden, Esq., by a Young Lady," published in Luctus Britannici as by "S. F."  
Details 1700  Mary de la Rivere Manley edits The Nine Muses, or Poems by Nine Several Ladies upon the Death of John Dryden, Esq., containing three elegies signed by Mrs. S. F. [Sarah Fyge Egerton]; other contributors were Mrs. Manley, Lady Pierce, Mrs. Field, Mrs. Pix, Mrs. C. Trotter, and Mrs. D. E.  
Details 1700  Mary Astell, Some Reflections on Marriage.  
Details June 23, 1700  Solomon de Medina becomes the first Jewish knight. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1701  Anne Finch (Countess of Winchilsea, "Ardelia"), "The Spleen."  
Details 1702 - 1713  Queen Anne's War, Britain against France *France  
Details Mar 8, 1702  Anne Stuart becomes queen. *House of Stuart  
Details 1703  Sarah Fyge Egerton, Poems.  
Details 1703  Nicholas Rowe, one of the creators of bourgeois domestic drama, The Fair Penitent.  
Details 1704  Mary Astell, Moderation Truly Stated, A Fair Way with Dissenters and their Patrons, An Impartial Enquiry into the Causes of Rebellion and Civil War.  
Details 1704  Jonathan Swift, A Tale of a Tub, The Battle of the Books.  
Details 1704  Sir Isaac Newton, Opticks.  
Details 1704  John Dennis, Grounds of Criticism in Poetry.  
Details 1704  Death of John Locke.  
Details 1705  Mary Astell, The Christian Religion as Professed by a Daughter of the Church.  
Details 1705  Sir Richard Steele, The Tender Husband.  
Details 1705  Bernard Mandeville, The Grumbling Hive (later, in 1714, remarks are appended to this poem and the whole is entitled The Fable of the Bees).  
Details 1706  Mary Astell, Rpt. of Some Reflections on Marriage, with a Preface.  
Details 1706  Sarah Fyge Egerton, Rpt. of The Female Advocate (an answer to Robert Gould).  
Details 1707  Aurangzeb, last great Mogul Emperor, dies; new power installed in Delhi only titular. Mahratta powers terrorize North and Central India. Imperial governors of Bengal and Southern India create, in effect, independent kingdoms. *India  
Details 1707  Penelope Aubin, "The Stuarts."  
Details Jan 1, 1707  Union with Scotland: Scots agreed to send 16 peers and 45 MPs to English Parliament in return for full trading privileges; Scottish Parliament met for the last time in March. *Scotland  
Details 1708  Penelope Aubin, "The Ecstasy" (presented to Queen Anne), "The Welcome: a poem to the Duke of Marlborough."  




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