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Details Aug 2, 1791  Edmund Burke, An Appeal from the New to the Old Whigs and a split within the Whig party on the question of reform. *Whig Party  
Details Apr 11, 1792  Radical Whigs declare themselves "The Society of the Friends of the People." *Whig Party  
Details Dec 22, 1792  Whigs form a group, "Friends of the Liberty of the Press," for the purpose of defending free speech against the attack of the Reevites and other Loyalist Associations. *Whig Party  
Details Dec 20, 1795  In a speech to the Whig Club, Thomas Erskine says they must do everything possible to repeal the Two Bills: every friend of freedom, he said, is "a species of watchman on the outworks of the British Constitution." *The Two Bills
*Whig Party  
Details 1830  Wellington government fails. Grey becomes Prime Minister; Whig government. *Whig Party  
Details June 14, 1831  Newly elected pro-reform, predominantly Whig House of Commons. *Whig Party  
Details June 24, 1831  Whigs introduce Reform Bill into new Parliament. *Whig Party  



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