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Details 1799  Commons rejects abolition. Commons passes an African slave coast restriction act. Lords narrowly rejects it. Commons passes a stricter slave-carrying act that narrowly clears the Lords. Sugar prices begin to decline. Britain conquers Surinam. *Abolition  
Details 1799  William Wordsworth writes the "Two-Part Prelude" of 1799 (corresponding roughly to books I and II of the later full Prelude together with the Gibbet Mast and Blasted Hawthorn "spots of time"), "There Was a Boy," "Nutting," "Lucy Gray" and the "Lucy poems," the "Matthew" poems, and many poems for the 1800 volume of Lyrical Ballads. Most of these poems were composed while W. lived with Dorothy Wordsworth in Goslar, Germany, from the latter part of 1798 through the first part of 1799.  
Details 1799  Goethe, Die Propyläe.  
Details 1799  Herder, Understanding and Experience. A Metacritique on the Critique of Pure Reason.  
Details 1799  Hölderlin, Hyperion II.  
Details 1799  Novalis, Die Christenheit, oder Europa.  
Details 1799  F. Schlegel, Lucinde.  
Details 1799  Mary Hays, The Victim of Prejudice.  
Details 1799  Hannah More, Strictures on the Modern System of Education.  
Details 1799  Mary Alcock, Poetical Writer (published posthumously by Joanna Hughs).  
Details 1799  Charles Lloyd slanders Mary Hays, accusing her of improprieties; Coleridge, Lamb, Southey, and Godwin enter the fray.  
Details 1799  William Pitt advocates union between Britain and Ireland. *Ireland  
Details 1799  Joanna Baillie, Plays on the Passions, Vol. I, second edition.  
Details 1799  Haydn, two String Quartets, Op. 77.  
Details 1799 - 1800  Beethoven, First Symphony (C major), Op. 21; Setptet in E flat major, Op. 20.  
Details Mar 19, 1799  Haydn's oratorio The Creation performed for the first time.  
Details Apr 21, 1799  Dorothy and William Wordsworth return to England from Germany.  
Details May 1799  Blake exhibits his painting The Last Supper at the Royal Academy.  
Details May 23, 1799  Thomas Hood born in London.  
Details July 29, 1799  Coleridge returns to Nether Stowey.  
Details Oct 1799 - Nov 1799  W. Wordsworth and Coleridge go on walking tour of the Lake District.  
Details Oct 26, 1799  Coleridge meets Sara Hutchinson, whose sister (Mary Hutchinson) W. Wordsworth will marry in 1802.  
Details Nov 9, 1799  Bonaparte's Coup of 18 Brumaire: Napoleon overthrows the Directory, becomes the First Consul of France, effectively ending the French Revolution. *French Revolution  
Details Dec 20, 1799  William and Dorothy Wordsworth settle into Dove Cottage, Townend, Grasmere.  
Details 1800  No motion is made for abolition. Curacao is captured. *Abolition  




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