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Details 1760  The date conventionally marking the beginning of the Industrial Revolution (the so-called "First Industrial Revolution"). Jonas Hanway and D. Porter campaign against the exploitation of children as Chimney Sweeps. *Economics
*Industrial Revolution
*Child Labor  
Details 1767  First iron railroads built for mines by John Wilkinson. *Industrial Revolution  
Details 1770  Hargreaves's jenny invented (textile production).. *Industrial Revolution  
Details 1771  Arkwright's first spinning-mill. *Industrial Revolution  
Details 1779  Crompton's mule invented (textile production). First iron bridge built over the Severn by John Wilkinson. *Industrial Revolution  
Details 1781  Boulton and Watt produce improved steam engine. *Industrial Revolution  
Details 1815  Industrial Revolution: onset of industrial depression. *Industrial Revolution  
Details 1816  Economic Depression. *Industrial Revolution
Details 1830  Industrial Revolution: Liverpool and Manchester railway opens. *Industrial Revolution  
Details 1831  Industrial Revolution: Faraday discovers electromagnetic induction. *Industrial Revolution  
Details 1833  Industrial Revolution: Factory Act restricts ages and hours one can employ children and adults in textile factories. *Industrial Revolution
*Child Labor  
Details 1836  Industrial Revolution: Completion of Deptford line to London Bridge Station. *Industrial Revolution  
Details 1837  Industrial Revolution: Electric telegraph line Euston and Camden Town railway stations. *Industrial Revolution  
Details 1838  Industrial Revolution: the first railway train enters London. Ocean Steamers to the U.S. *United States
*Industrial Revolution  
Details 1838  Completion of the London & Birmingham Railway and the Great Western Railway. *Industrial Revolution  
Details 1839  Issue of first Factory Inspectors' Report. *Industrial Revolution  
Details 1841  Paris demonstration of arc-lamp street lights. *Industrial Revolution  
Details 1844  Great Western Railway connects to Paddington. *Industrial Revolution  
Details 1845  Industrial Revolution: excise tax on glass production repealed. *Industrial Revolution  
Details 1846  "Railway mania" begins. *Industrial Revolution  
Details 1847  Industrial Revolution/Child Labor: Ten Hours Act shortens factory work day to ten hours for women and children. *Industrial Revolution
*Child Labor  
Details 1850  Dover and Calais (France) connected by telegraph for the first time. *Industrial Revolution  



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