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Details 1729  Jonathan Swift, "A Modest Proposal." *Ireland  
Details 1730  Famine in Ireland. *Ireland  
Details 1741  Famine in Ireland. *Ireland  
Details 1780  Ireland: Colonial trade opened to Irish goods. *Ireland
Details 1782  Ireland: Volunteers call for legislative independence at Dungannon Convention. Catholic Relief Act allows Irish Catholics to own land outside Parliamentary boroughs and gives access to educational rights (dissenters also allowed valid marriage ceremonies). *Ireland  
Details 1785  Ireland: First meeting of Irish Academy (Royal Irish Academy from 1786 on). Bill to regulate Anglo-Irish trade, adapted from William Pitt (the Younger)'s original free-trade proposals, introduced at College Green but later abandoned. *Ireland  
Details Oct 14, 1791  Ireland: Foundation of United Irishmen in Belfast. *Ireland  
Details Nov 9, 1791  Ireland: First meeting of Dublin United Irishmen. *Ireland  
Details 1792  Ireland: Catholic Relief Act allows Catholics to practice law. Wolfe Tone appointed to the Catholic Committee. *Ireland  
Details 1793  Ireland: Catholic petition presented to the King. *Ireland  
Details Feb 1793 - Mar 1793  Ireland: Legislation restricting movement of arms and suppressing volunteering. *Ireland  
Details Apr 1793  Ireland: Relief Act granting Irish Catholics parliamentary franchise and certain civil and military rights. St. Patrick's [Catholic] College, Carlow, opened. *Ireland  
Details 1794  Ireland: Catholics statutorily enabled to attend Trinity College, Dublin. Suppression of Dublin United Irishmen. *Ireland  
Details 1796  Wolfe Tone arrives in France. *Ireland
*French Revolution  
Details Sept 1796  Ireland: United Irish leaders arrested in Belfast. *Ireland  
Details Dec 1796  Failed attempt by French (with Wolfe Tone) to invade Ireland at Bantry Bay, West Cork. *French Revolution
Details Feb 1798 - Oct 1798  Ireland: The Irish Rebellion. 100,000 peasants revolt; approximately 25,000 die. Irish Parliament abolished. *Ireland  
Details Mar 1798  Ireland: United Irish leaders arrested in Dublin; martial law imposed. *Ireland  
Details May 1798  Ireland: Rebellions in Wexford. *Ireland  
Details Aug 1798  Ireland: French forces land at Killala. *Ireland  
Details Sept 8, 1798  Ireland: French forces surrender at Ballinamuck. *Ireland  
Details Nov 3, 1798  Ireland: Wolfe Tone arrested after arriving in Lough Swilly with another French force. *Ireland
Details Nov 19, 1798  Ireland: Wolfe Tone commits suicide in prison. *Ireland  
Details 1799  William Pitt advocates union between Britain and Ireland. *Ireland  
Details Aug 1, 1800  Act of the Union with Ireland. *Ireland  




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