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Details 1695  Licensing Act expires. *Copyright  
Details 1709  The Statute of Anne provides a basis for limited copyright, limiting possession to 14 years with an option to renew for 21 total. Throughout most of the century, until Donaldson v. Becket, booksellers behaved as if this law did not exist, buying and selling copyrights as if they owned them in perpetuity. *copyright  
Details 1769  Millar v. Taylor was a landmark case, a victory for London booksellers: Court of King's Bench rules that authors are indeed proprietors of their own works by common-law right, giving booksellers perpetual copyright, as opposed to a shortened term of copyright ownership based on equating authorship of texts to authorship of patents. This case reverses the Statute of Anne, but only temporarily: the ruling was overturned in Donaldson v. Becket *copyright  
Details 1774  Donaldson v. Becket: the decision made in Millar v. Taylor is here reversed -- copyrights are now seen as more like patents, and hence of limited duration, as conceived in the Statute of Queen Anne. *copyright  
Details 1842  Establishment of income tax; Copyright Act. *Copyright  



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