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Details 1818  Synagogues recognized as legal establishments. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1820  John Cam Hobhouse makes the first proposal to Parliament to remove restrictions against Jews. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1826  Parliament abolishes the necessity of receiving sacrament before naturalization (the original Jew's Bill aim). *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1833  Francis Goldsmid becomes first Jewish barrister. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1835  Franchise incidentally becomes open to professing Jews--but not officially. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1835  David Salomons is elected Sheriff, but refused entrance because municipal offices are closed to Jews. This leads to the Sheriff's Declaration Act, which removes this restriction. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1836  David Salomons is elected alderman, refused admission because Jews are still not allowed to hold public office. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1837  Moses Montefiore becomes Sheriff of London and is the second English Jew to be knighted. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1841  Isaac Lyon Goldsmid become the first Jewish baronet--as a reward for his philanthropic service. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1842  West London Synagogue of British Jews, the first English Reformed Synagogue, is established. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1844  David Salomons is again elected as alderman and again refused admission. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1845  Jewish Disabilities Removal Act opens municipal offices to Jews. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1847  David Salomons becomes alderman. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1847  Baron Lionel de Rothschild elected to Parliament for London. Because he is a Jew, he is not permitted to take the seat. Rothschild is elected several more times, but does not assume his seat in Parliament until 1858, after the Jewish Emancipation Act. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1848  Jewish Disabilities Bill defeated *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1849  Parliamentary Oaths Bill defeated; would have allowed Jews to hold Parliamentary seats without taking the oath of a Christian. *Anglo-Jewish History  
Details 1855  David Salomons is elected Lord Mayor of London. *Anglo-Jewish History  




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