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Details 1815  Corn Bill passed with enormous benefit to landlords. *Corn Laws  
Details 1815  France: The Restoration of Louis XVIII. *France  
Details 1815  Bonaparte decrees abolition in France during the Hundred Days and the restoration government accepts the decree. Britain secures a declaration against the slave trade at the Congress of Vienna. Sugar prices continue high. Slave trade to Cuba begins to rise sharply. *France
Details 1815  Industrial Revolution: onset of industrial depression. *Industrial Revolution  
Details 1815  W. Wordsworth, Poems of 1815 and The White Doe of Rylstone.  
Details 1815  Sir Walter Scott, Guy Mannering.  
Details 1815  Mary Hays, The Brothers, or Consequences. A Story of What Happens Every Day (a novel against primogeniture).  
Details 1815  Byron, a four-volume edition of his poems and Hebrew Melodies.  
Details 1815  Elizabeth Hamilton, Hints Addressed to Patrons and Directors of Schools.  
Details 1815  Charles Lloyd, translations of Alfieri's Tragedies.  
Details 1815  Blake's pictures: Laocoön produced.  
Details 1815  Death of Mary Shelley's newborn baby.  
Details 1815  David Ricardo, An Essay on Profits.  
Details 1815  Germaine de Stael returns to France from her exile.  
Details 1815  Drury Lane (London) production of The Family Legend.  
Details 1815  Beethoven, Sonatas in C major and D major, Op. 102.  
Details Jan 1815  Byron marries Annabella Millbank.  
Details Jan 8, 1815  Battle of New Orleans: U.S., under General Andrew Jackson, defeats the British Army--approximately 2 weeks after the official end of the war. *United States  
Details Feb 22, 1815  Birth of Mary Shelley's baby; dies 6 March.  
Details Mar 1815 - May 1815  The Hundred Days: Napoleon escapes from Elba and temporarily regains power. *France  
Details Apr 6, 1815  Allies mobilize against Napoleon. *France  
Details June 18, 1815  The Battle of Waterloo: Napoleon defeated and exiled to St. Helena; Restoration of Louis XVIII. *France  
Details Nov 20, 1815  Second Treaty of Paris. *France  
Details Dec 10, 1815  Byron's daughter, Ada (Augusta Ada King, countess of Lovelace), London.  
Details 1816  Prosecution of William Home, tried in 1817.  




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